Programme 2.6 More Support for Students with Disabilities

The More Support for Students with Disabilities programme provides funding to government and non-government education authorities to build the capacity of schools and teachers to better support the needs of students with disability.

In 2013–14, the initiative provided $81.5 million to education authorities to undertake activities to improve the education of students with disability in their jurisdiction. These activities include:

  • professional development for pre-service and practising teachers including specific disability online training modules
  • Disability Standards for Education 2005 online modules
  • establishment of support centres of expertise
  • more effective use of allied health professionals in schools
  • guidance, documents and resources on differentiating the curriculum to support learning for students with disability.

As at 31 December 2013:

  • 4983 assistive technology items had been provided to 1072 schools and 11,997 teachers had been trained in their use
  • 1147 health professionals had provided support to 4180 teachers and 1092 schools
  • 24,364 teachers from 4017 schools had undergone specialist training in disability
  • 9988 school principals and school leadership team members had undergone training in leadership and inclusivity practices
  • 1451 paraprofessionals (such as teacher aides) had been assisted to develop their skills in supporting students with disability
  • 2211 students had been provided with support in undergoing transitions between stages of schooling and into post-school environments.

Performance information

Performance indicators for this programme have been developed at the jurisdictional level. Indicators are detailed in jurisdiction implementation plans that are approved by the Government. All targets have been achieved and exceeded for each of the outputs of this initiative.

An independent evaluation of the initiative is underway, with over 40 case studies being developed. These will provide future direction to education authorities, schools and teachers, highlighting good practice and learnings.