Appendix 4—Ecologically sustainable development

The Department of Education reports under section 516A of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 on how our activities accord with and contribute to the principles of ecologically sustainable development. We report on the impacts of the department’s activities on the environment, how they are mitigated and how they will be further mitigated.

The department’s environmental management activities are focused on reducing impacts from energy, water and paper consumption, waste, travel, transport and procurement policies and practices. Information and data on the department’s environmental performance can be found in Part 4 of this report.

The department’s activities are consistent with the ecologically sustainable development principles (section 3A of the Act) that state ‘decision making processes should effectively integrate both long-term and short-term economic, environmental, social and equitable considerations’. More information on the environmentally sustainable development principles can be found on the Department of the Environment website.

We continue to evaluate and improve our operational efficiency to ensure that our activities contribute to successful long-term outcomes and to increase our understanding of sustainability beyond the environmental scope.

ICT Sustainability Plan

The Australian Government’s Information and Communications Technology ( ICT) Sustainability Plan 2010–2015 is a five-year plan that assists Commonwealth agencies to better align their use of ICT with the government’s overall sustainability agenda.

Under this plan, we have targets, actions and reporting obligations for our ICT operations. Information on our ICT performance is provided in Part 4 of this report and more information on the Australian Government ICT Sustainability Plan is available on the Department of the Environment website.